Coaching for your Business

Staff who are happy and contented are more effective at work. There are many things that can impact how happy a staff member is; this may be some aspect of the job, the workplace, or something from home that is affecting work performance. Of course, the quicker the issue is addressed the better.

Sick days cost companies a fortune. Emotional health and wellbeing is recorded to have a huge impact on business. Though organisations may have many very skilled people to support the team members, often they are not the most suitable people because staff may fear the perceived consequences of sharing with a colleague/manager.

Demonstrating that your organisation has a supportive and effective strategy for staff wellbeing is good for you, your staff and your business.

Coaching can help your business to:


Personal Life Coaching

See the advantages of Personal Life Coaching for your team.

A an employer or manager, you could choose from the following options:

Your staff member arranges Personal Life Coaching with me and invoices are directed to the employer.


I am able to work with your staff within your own work centre or setting.


Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching enables you to have more involvement in the coaching process and even set some of the objectives for the coaching relationship. I specialise in developing soft skills and confidence, things that often hold people back. It is also a great tool for embedding learning.

The main difference between Corporate Coaching and Personal Life Coaching is that the objectives are agreed between all three parties (organisation, client and coach).

The coaching sessions are delivered in the same way as the Personal Life Coaching sessions but there are additional feedback and planning meetings with all three parties to review progress and plan towards the agreed outcomes.

To find out more and arrange a call to discuss your organisational needs please contact Caroline.